Villa no.12 by noir office

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Noir Office, architecture and design studio, is based in Tehran, Iran, founded by mohammadreza marashi in 2004. The office has done projects that most of them were residential buildings. 

Noir Office, an acclaimed architecture and design studio, has been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the prestigious Memar Award for three consecutive years. With numerous other honors in Architecture & Construction Awards, Iranian Interior Award, Biennial Iranian Architecture Award.

Creativity lies at the core of everything we do. We are not afraid to  push  boundaries and  explore new realms in architecturand  design.  Our  studio  fosters  a  culture of innovation and  artistic  expression,  allowing us to infuse each project with a unique touch that reflects the individuality of our clients.


We  believe that  architecture and design  have the power to shape lives. We understand that every space has a unique  purpose and tells a story of  its own. Our philosophy revolves around seamlessly blending functionality, aesthetics, and the essence of the client’s vision into a harmonious masterpiece. Whether it’s a modern commercial building, a cozy residential home, or an awe-inspiring interior, we approach each project as a blank canvas with endless possibilities.







 Unit 2 ,NO. 1 Zanbagh end 

Bagh-e-sardar st H.Sohani st Sohanak Tehran 

 +21 2245 3011

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