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Aras House is located on a 400 sqm square-shaped plot of land. The fundamental design concept involves the transformation of its cubic style into a structure measuring 17×10 meters across three stories. To achieve this, a central void is created to house a communicational staircase, which not only acts as a dynamic and easily followed element but also serves as a pivotal design feature. Additionally, the space surrounding this void on all four sides of the building is replaced with console-shaped structures on the second and third floors. This thoughtful design approach effectively establishes the periphery formation of the building.


Creating a central void to accommodate the communicational staircase, which acts as a dynamic and easily followed element. To replace the space formed by this void around the building’s four sides, we are introducing console shaped structures on the second and third floors. This compensates for the reduced area resulting from the void’s creation and defines the building’s outer perimeter. This communication space divides the building into east and west sections, with a 72cm level difference. This separation not only defines distinct areas and offers various access points but also enhances the overall building proportions.

By relocating the third floor from the west section to the basement, we achieve a reduced height in the west part (adjacent to the main street) while creating a green roof on the ground level due to the yard’s limited size. The open view surrounding this space creates an inviting outdoor area suitable for public gatherings. Thus, connecting the yard and the green roof through the central void establishes a meaningful relationship within the structure.

We have designed two courtyards on different levels, incorporating a communicational staircase element. This element facilitates both vertical movement and exploration, enabling users to access diverse views and perspectives. A skylight positioned between the eastern and western sections effectively brightens the space, offering residents a view of the sky. Additionally, it connects the two courtyards, contributing to the creation of an introspective building that establishes a mysterious connection with the external environment and landscape.




Lavasan, Tehran





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