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Our picturesque site in North of Iran, Ramsar, is an idyllic expanse overlooking the forest and the fields around it. Although the site area available was about 40,000 st.

Irregular topography and shape with 30 meters difference between top and rise has made Ramsar to a difficult project. 

We imagined it as Villa Apartment with Shared common spaces. Cinema, indoor swimming pool and spaces for entertainments. This thing direct us to the idea that each villa has a minimum common neighborhood wall surface. This idea caused that each villa is independence. Each story and each house have a different plan and view. One aspect of this site is that there is no building on that and we use this feature to our design so making a garden terrace for each home help this to have fantastic view.

First Inspiration of design is nature. Nature has Variety. Variety is Main idea of project. Fractal Architecture West vision is seeing jungle (arbe kale) so we make a Terrace Garden for each home to this view. In our process design we get service principal Fractal Architecture so each layout of house is different from the other.

Every house has a special view to the sea and forest. In result we achieve 12 different plan that 4 plan is flat and 8 plan is duplex. Per house has unique potential According to Site and Fractal Architecture. Big Garden Terrace is side west and in this part of building there is 5m konsul so we choose prestressed concrete.




Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran


Under Construction



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