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The Royal Residential Complex is located on one of the main roads no Rudehen town. The unique feature of this place is the good view to the west of the project next to the green valley. Due to the compactness of the design program, lack of communal spaces and suitable green spaces for the units, we decided to consider a Social Garden on each floor of each block so that its maintenance is the responsibility of the residents of that floor.

Royal Residential complex project proposes a new housing model, based on Social garden. In contrast to the boxy tower blocks typically found in neighborhoods housing developments, our building has a strong visual presence that combines undulating geometries of social garden.

This social garden thus proposes a sort of ‘permacultural’ way of life: residents will produce some of their own food, learning the pleasure of watching food grow, a means of encouraging them to participate in the collective effort that we must all undertake to reduce supply chains and move towards a landscape of edible permaculture as near as possible to home.





Rudehen, Tehran, Iran


Concept design

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