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While about a year has passed since the design and construction of the Aras project, the design of the adjacent land project was referred to us; Therefore, by negotiating with the Client and explaining the qualities created in the Aras project, we decided to consider the design and construction of this project as a basis for ideation and design of the Balout project.


So that these two houses, in the design and after the execution, can be seen as twin and neighboring houses, and complement each other, and provide a well-proportioned and dynamic texture in the north, west and south walls.

In this design, the communication staircase serves as a fluid and easily navigable pathway. It promotes a seamless connection of the project’s volume with the neighboring twin building. We achieve this integration through the implementation of split levels and a clear separation of access to both private and public spaces.

To start the process, similar to our approach in the Aras project, we initiated a transformation and playful alteration of the original construction. We began with a three-story cubic structure measuring 17 × 10 meters, in accordance with the established criteria. However, we introduced modifications. These changes created a void and replaced the reduced void surface around the volume. Importantly, we strategically placed the void adjacent to the south side of the volume, offering views of the yard.

This alteration served a dual purpose. Firstly, it facilitated the creation of a sitting room. This space essentially formed an inner terrace above the void, providing views of the lush green yard to the south. Secondly, due to variations in height resulting from the split levels, we envisioned the construction of a suspended pool on the rooftop garden. This pool would provide an unobstructed and seemingly endless view.

Once again, the communication staircase played a pivotal role in our design. It ensured smooth and easily traceable movement. Simultaneously, it enhanced the overall functionality of the project. By incorporating split levels and clearly delineating access to private and public spaces, we successfully achieved the desired harmony between our project’s volume and the neighboring twin building.




Lavasan, Tehran





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